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Episode 14: Anthony Bianucci The Block Lahaina and Napili

One of my observations when it comes to social media, which is the dominant form of communication currently, is that there is a constant need for people to show...

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Episode 13: Paul Romero Makena Crossfit Owner, Adventure Racer and Overall Amazing Guy!

There is a feeling that I visit and it happens specifically when I reminisce on the ambitions I had to fulfill physical or athletic achievement in my adolescence…  What...

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Episode 12: Meditation with Justine

In this episode Kale and Jesse have a great conversation with Justine from We dig into her story and learn about what drove her to leave school to...

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Episode 11: Maui First Responder Submission Grappling Invitational

In this episode we sit down with Maui Police Captain Clyde Holokai and Maui Fire Captain Chris Platiro to talk about the first ever Maui First Responder Submission Grappling...

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Episode 10: Steve Maxwell Recap

In this episode Kale and Jesse recap and dig into some ideas that Steve Maxwell shared in Episode 9. If you haven’t listened to that episode we suggest you...

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Episode 9: Steve Maxwell

In this episode Kale and Jesse get together with Steve Maxwell. Steve is a long time jiu jitsu black belt, at one point one of the nations top personal...

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