Episode 2: Jiu Jitsu and How It Can Help Your Life

In this episode we talk about the Maui Open Jiu Jitsu competition that happened on 9/10/17 and we discuss our feelings on competitive jiu jitsu. We also get into how jiu jitsu can help you in your everyday life dealing with struggles. We briefly get into nutrition and what we’ve been doing for training.

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Episode 3: Daily Practices

In this episode Kale and Jesse talk about some of their daily practices and give simple ideas on how these types of practices can be added to anyone’s life. We also talk about the books that we are reading and listening to right now.

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Episode 4: Art of the Chanter

In this episode Kale and Jesse start off talking about the balance of indigenous cultures and science, mixed with a little politics. Then go into Kale’s participation at Art of the Chanter.

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Episode 5: Reda Boustani founder of Evolution Yoga Maui

We go and visit our capoeira and yoga teacher Reda Boustani and talk about his story starting in Morocco growing up, heading to France, then to the East Coast and by following a vision ends up on Maui. We are stoked about this episode, hope you like it.

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Episode 6: Rambling On and Beliefs

In this episode Kale and Jesse have an open discussion on many different topics including a recap on the episode with Reda Boustani, basic Bug Out Bag and Everyday Carry ideas, and our beliefs about what this podcast is about.

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