Episode 12: Meditation with Justine

In this episode Kale and Jesse have a great conversation with Justine from www.justinetf.com. We dig into her story and learn about what drove her to leave school to follow her passion for yoga and meditation. We also get into some personal experiences that we had during our meditation time with her. Hope you enjoy this episode, if you like it please leave us a 5 star review and positive comments on iTunes or wherever you listen to this.

Episode 8: Adventures in Life, Parenting and Social Media

In this episode Kale and Jesse catch up on what’s been going on over the last couple weeks and how Kale’s trip was. We also discuss some ideas about parenthood and how that plays a roll in a balanced life. We also talk about a new book Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin and Phil White, which leads us to the topic of social media and how we need to control it better in our lives. Have a blessed day and please leave us a review if you like what we’ve been doing.

Bonus Episode

In this episode Jesse brings his son Jack on to talk about a crazy experience they just had. This is a short bonus episode without Kale, but he’ll be back on for the next one.

Episode 6: Rambling On and Beliefs

In this episode Kale and Jesse have an open discussion on many different topics including a recap on the episode with Reda Boustani, basic Bug Out Bag and Everyday Carry ideas, and our beliefs about what this podcast is about.

Episode 4: Art of the Chanter

In this episode Kale and Jesse start off talking about the balance of indigenous cultures and science, mixed with a little politics. Then go into Kale’s participation at Art of the Chanter.

Episode 1

Episode 1 by Finding Balance Podcast