Episode 17: Jiu Jitsu, Ego and Mens Group

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten together as just the two of us. This episode was recorded about 6 weeks ago but we had a great conversation about jiu jitsu, the positive and negative sides of ego, the beginning stages of a mens group that we’re apart of and as always when the two of us get together we go off on some tangents. As always we hope that you like the episode and would love it if you would leave us a a review and positive comments.

Episode 16: Tiffany the Yoga Warrior Princess

We sat down and had an amazing conversation with Tiffany Warner about her journey to becoming a yoga teacher and how that’s had such a huge impact on her life. Tiffany is not only a high level yoga instructor, she also has a dedicated personal practice that you can follow on her Instagram @tiffany__yoga. She teaches weekly classes at both Mangala Yoga Studio ( in Makawao and Evolution Yoga Maui ( in Wailuku.

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Episode 14: Anthony Bianucci The Block Lahaina and Napili

One of my observations when it comes to social media, which is the dominant form of communication currently, is that there is a constant need for people to show a “best version” of themselves or little snippets of an idyllic life.   Its far more common for people to “post” who they want others to view them as, not who they really are “post” to be.  Then, in walks Anthony Bianucci, owner of The Block, who’s unforgiving realness can not help but be embraced, as he sarcastically mocks himself and others (even us Hosts at Finding Balance Podcast), laughing along with us at the absurdities of our existence.

Maybe I’m giving the man too much credit…what does “realness” even constitute?  Well in regards to my view on what “realness” looks like, maybe it shows up whenever we asked Anthony a question during the podcast…whether it was about the beginnings of his fitness journey or how The Block got started, he consistently mentioned the people that got him through, along with his own short-comings and challenges he’s faced, while still showing his love and appreciation for everyone that has been and continues to be there.

He spoke about his younger years as a sponsored snowboarder in California and never imagined “working out”, until a gym had replaced an old 7-11 in his neighborhood.  He saw other professional snowboarders at the gym and was wondering if he should join.  The gym owner, his first mentor who was an ex-bodybuilder from Iran, told him to come tomorrow morning, don’t be late, and if you miss a workout don’t come back.

This message continued to play-out when he wanted a job at the gym, “don’t be late and if you miss a day don’t come back.”  After some time folding towels, cleaning the gym and making smoothies, he saw that getting paid to train people was far more appealing and when he decided to become a professional fitness trainer, he kept to the simple motto that was instilled in him early on “don’t be late, and if you miss a day don’t come back.”

When he made his way back home to Hawaii, he had plans to open a Crossfit Box in Lahaina on the Westside of Maui.  With a small investment from his clients and reaching out to other fitness establishments to receive their blessing, he got the go-ahead and was ready to open.

Here is a trait worth mentioning, Anthony has a mind that is in constant creative mode, an imagination run rampant and can easily be diverted (ask him, he’ll tell you!)…This is why he gives praise and full credit to his wife Megan for their journey(she also makes an appearance on the episode!). Megan handles all of the business logistics and operations, while she does her best to keep Anthony grounded and on course, she also has their family of 5 to keep in order and balance.

So when they sold the Crossfit Box and opened The Block, their partnership is what brought success, a husband and wife team that complement one another’s unique skills and talents, and they balance each others personalities.  FAMILY is what has driven them to achieve their goals and continues to motivate them to strengthen and empower their community.

There is so much more to this story, that it is difficult for me to want to end here (you’ve read this far might as well listen to the podcast😆) but if there is anything that I will continue to reflect upon from this podcast episode, is that I know a husband and wife that are balancing family, a fitness business, and navigating daily life, in such a way that the values they hold can be seen and felt in everything that they do.  FAMILY is FIRST and if you haven’t been a part of the family yet, you will be soon, that is just their attitude and it emanates from them, its infectious even.  Smiles on their faces, jokes and sarcasm at the ready, never taking themselves too seriously, or anyone else for that matter, thats some “REALNESS” right there.


Episode 13: Paul Romero Makena Crossfit Owner, Adventure Racer and Overall Amazing Guy!

There is a feeling that I visit and it happens specifically when I reminisce on the ambitions I had to fulfill physical or athletic achievement in my adolescence…  What would it have taken for me to break through my perceived limitations?  Where would I have gone to, if I had accomplished my dreams of great athleticism?

An engaging conversation with Coach Paul Romero (@pandjromero) of Makena Crossfit (@makenacrossfit) was a peering into, a LIVED memory, of what could’ve been, what is possible, and what unfolds when you don’t LIMIT yourself!

(A brief introduction for those who haven’t listened to the episode yet) Paul is one of 9 siblings and their Dad was their coach, an inspiration, and from day one his father taught his children to be athletes, to be competitive and efficient, especially on how those teachings can translate further into everyday life.

An engineer and competitive track runner originally from Pasadena, CA, Paul’s father was no stranger to DEDICATION…so imagine yourself as a 6 year-old, running wind sprints in the middle of 110º Summer in Phoenix, Arizona, Dad with whistle, stopwatch and clip board in hand, you’re RUNNING at max effort, REPEAT, then when you collapse from exhaustion, there is a big spoonful of dark honey to give you the energy to go AGAIN! That is a peek into the childhood of Paul.

This begs the question, where is the line drawn on a parent’s control to push their children to achieve what is “more than possible” and when that presence becomes more damaging rather than empowering?

With Romero family as an example, Paul and his brothers become professional BMX racers in the early days of Mountain bike racing for ten years, eventually they become Champions…experience athletic success, this led Paul towards being a quarterback in football, pitching in baseball, playing basketball, beach volleyball, competitive snowboarding, mountain climbing, then to adventure racing, where he had eventually found his Career.

Paul became a full-time professional athlete.  He had been racing all over the arctic, desert, open ocean and jungle, all of this paralleled with being a critical care life-flight paramedic in a helicopter for 13 years.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed! For these are accolades that even the most celebrated athletes of today would applaud, yet the journey for Paul was anything but comfortable or convenient!

As many stories are likely to craft the scene of a “hero” figure bravely facing the unknown and gallantly riding towards the horizon, Paul had more to learn and to experience…

His son was born (who Paul calls his source of endearing inspiration) and at the age of 9, out of the blue, told him during a car ride, a plan to climb the HIGHEST mountains of the World.

Through Paul’s fatherly dedication, guidance, and perseverance, days and nights of planning, dinner conversations around what lays ahead, including his sons unrelenting work ethic…eventually those goals were REACHED and a book was written by his son Jordan Romero, “No Summit Out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits.”

Remembering the conversations with Paul and listening back to the Finding Balance Podcast interview, my thoughts and reservations of what it means to be a father can not help but surface to the forefront.

This is a story that hearkens to the bond of Father/Son through the ages…of how far a Father’s influence can support the child to endure all the upsets and to be there to celebrate all the triumphs.  To what limits are perceived within the dynamics of that relationship AND to the limitations we set upon ourselves individually.

Can you take the lessons learned in your childhood and continue to apply them on your own when you become an adult?  If the story shared by Paul is any indication of how that unfolds, I think we are given a fighting chance when we have parents willing to venture through their own learning o what it means to commit and persevere, then to go the distance with their child and for their child, along the way passing on the lessons needed to accomplish what may seem to be impossible.  ALOHA

Episode 10: Steve Maxwell Recap

In this episode Kale and Jesse recap and dig into some ideas that Steve Maxwell shared in Episode 9. If you haven’t listened to that episode we suggest you start there and come back for this one.

Episode 9: Steve Maxwell

In this episode Kale and Jesse get together with Steve Maxwell. Steve is a long time jiu jitsu black belt, at one point one of the nations top personal trainers and now travels the world doing seminars. His website has a ton of information and great videos. We talk about training for longevity, nutrition and so much more. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode 5: Reda Boustani founder of Evolution Yoga Maui

We go and visit our capoeira and yoga teacher Reda Boustani and talk about his story starting in Morocco growing up, heading to France, then to the East Coast and by following a vision ends up on Maui. We are stoked about this episode, hope you like it.

Episode 3: Daily Practices

In this episode Kale and Jesse talk about some of their daily practices and give simple ideas on how these types of practices can be added to anyone’s life. We also talk about the books that we are reading and listening to right now.